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Posted: 6 months ago / Sep 02, 2019



Step 1.

Purchase a stove entity. The stove will need to have gas and cooking plates. You can buy the amount of cooking plates you want to start out with, and add more afterwards.

Purchase a cooking pot, fill it with water and baking soda and drop it onto the stove. It will attach to an available cooking plate.

Once the pots are attached the thermometer becomes visible and you will turn on the gas for the plate(s). When it is cooked the color of the mixture will change, and you can use the gravity gun or physgun to take it off the stove.

Step 2.

Next step is buying the extractor and fill it with leaves and the finished mixture from the pots (also known as carbonate). When the extractor is filled, the red lights will turn off and a green light will appear instead.

Place a bucket in the extractor until all red laps are off, and press E on the switch to start the extracting process. Watch the beautiful blend sequences move the arrows accordingly to the process and watch the bucket get filled with raw cocaine.

Once the bucket is finished, green lamps will appear and you can remove it from the extractor. The gauge meter (displayed with a bucket icon on model) will also slide back to 0.

Step 3.

Purchase a drying rack and drag the bucket to the table. Once it touches the cocaine will be poured over the table. If the drying rack is turned on already, the process will begin automatically.

The drying rack is powered using batteries. Purchase these through the F4 menu. The switch for the lights and drying process is located on the front left of the drying rack. You can see how much power the batteries have on the arrow next to the switch.

Once batteries are installed red and green lights are available to display if the drying rack is on or off. Turn it on while there is cocaine on the table to begin the process.

You can follow the progress by looking on the right side as an arrow will move as the temperature rises on the table.

When the process is finished, the packed cocaine will appear on the table.

Step 4.

The last part is buying a cocaine box (drug holder). Drag and drop your packed cocaine into the box. You can press E on the box to open and close it.

Once you have cocaine packs in the box (you can have up to 4 packs), bring it to the druggie NPC on the map and speak to him.

He will offer you a price based on the amount of cocaine packs you have in your box, and based on your donator bonus.

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