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Edited: 1 month ago / Feb 05, 2020



In-game RP name: Voopoo Scoot

SteamID (please use steamid.io):STEAM_0:0:80892743

Link to steam profile (Must be public):https://steamcommunity.com/id/andrewciprioni/

Discord username with tag (ex. Example#0001):VooPoo Scoot


Current in-game time:1 1/2 days

Do you have a mic and do you use it often:Yes

How many warns do you have:none

If you have been banned before, how long and why?:Nope


Short answer questions

Have you been staff on any Gmod servers before? If so, describe your experience: I have been Moderator on Garnet Gaming for about 4-5 months as well as staff on HeathenRp

How often are you able to play: 5-7 hours a day 

What sets you apart from the average candidate for staff?(100 words minimum): I think that I should be chosen as staff because I have had prior staff experience on two other servers as a junior moderator. I am very familiar with commands as well as handling sits. I treat other players the way they want to be treated and I am very mature. When I was a staff member I loved to always go above and beyond and give more than what is expected of me. I believe that I hold many different traits, which also give me a better chance of being selected as a great candidate for the staff team. I am very skilled when it comes to dealing with difficult situations and have learned to keep a very calm professional manner when dealing with players. Overall I love to help out other people. Although I might not be fully trained, I'm never afraid to overcome hard obstacles and strive to work harder when faced with them. I am very big on following staff rules and more when it comes to abuse, as well as respecting other staff members. I've managed many RP servers on other RP games as well as developed on games such as SL and Space Station 13, this might be a good opportunity to take what I know and apply it to different situations.


My second opinion on why I think that I should be chosen for staff on this server is because not only do I have high standards for myself, but for the other players and can relate to a lot of their situations you have to sometimes put yourself in their shoes, and take different strategies when it comes to dealing with various complaints. I am able to communicate well with other people, and have worked in various restaurants as a server and have heard and dealt with extreme amounts of pressure and stress. My goal is to broaden the community and to be a pillar of the community by always being available and willing to help anyone. I always think of players as if it were a customer in a restaurant they might not always be right but you must maintain an upbeat attitude and try to find a solution. I think that I am a better candidate over all the rest because I hold not only a bit of experience but lack in very few places when it comes to the knowledge of being a staff member, I plan to better the community by encouraging knowledge to those who aspire.


Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 words minimum): I want to be a part of the staff because I love to be a pillar of the community and always have had a passion for helping people. I have had a bit of experience as staff on a few other servers, as well as Restaurant experience and have dealt with various situations. Working in the Restaurant industry helps you learn patience and I believe this would be highly beneficial to me as staff because I can take what I know and apply it as staff. I also have had prior experience and are certain that it makes a great addition to the team. I have a lot of patience and love challenges, I am a hard worker and strive for excellence.


Rule knowledge questions - Please do not copy + paste, show us that you know the rules.

What is the cooldown to raid the same person?: 20 minutes

Can the president make hobo sweps illegal?: No

How many fading doors can a base entrance have?: 3 fading doors

How big can a hobo base be?: The size has to be  a 5x5 plate


(Yes/No) I agree that I will not abuse my powers as staff: Yes

(Yes/No) I understand that my staff rank can be taken away at any time for any reason: Yes

(Yes/No) I understand that I will be held at a higher standard than a regular player: Yes

(Yes/No) I understand that asking staff to look at my application will result in it being denied: Yes

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