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Basic Information
In-game RP name: |-NCBA-| Remedy11133
SteamID (please use STEAM_0:1:1731330
Link to steam profile (Must be public):
Discord username with tag (ex. Example#0001): Mr goddamn it#1688
Age: 15
Current in-game time: 11h 52m 20s
Do you have a mic and do you use it often: Yes, but I don't use it often
How many warns do you have: Zero
If you have been banned before, how long and why?:
In a span of six months I've never got banned on gmod, I got banned on SCP secret laboratory only because people were killing eachother and I threw bomb at them. I only got one day ban.
Short answer questions
Have you been staff on any Gmod servers before? If so, describe your experience: I have, I was camsqu's super admin once. But when server reset, everyone had to apply again, so I didn't apply at that time. I don't remember the server.
How often are you able to play: 3 pm to 10 pm
What sets you apart from the average candidate for staff?(100 words minimum): Not much except for attentiveness. I pay attention to everything and every small detail because it was a habit. I sometimes intervene things even if its against something that is unfavorable from my side. Like if the FBI shows up and tried to get us sued, I would help in everything if I see it as being wrong. I also learnt a lot about life in general, the difference in point of view makes people not understand me, but makes the minorities understand me.
Basically I can be asked for life advice (even if I'm 15), because I learnt from other people and I pay attention to a lot of things.
Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 words minimum):
Today, I saw a kid who was trolling and trying to ruin the server. If I was the admin at the time, I would've stopped it before he even got in trouble. Everyday, there could be a hacker who wants to ruin things, but I could be the only staff online (very often). Sometimes I spy on people specifically because I am curious, but I never use that power to no-clip into bases unless under specific conditions. (like rdmed by some random monkey, or even paying attention to lua code (Although I never knew how it works))
Rule knowledge questions - Please do not copy + paste, show us that you know the rules.
What is the cooldown to raid the same person?:
10 mins for two different bases, 20 mins for the same base ( I think its absurd)
Can the president make hobo sweps illegal?:
Only if hobo sweps break other laws, like harassment or other things. The president can not directly make hobo sweps illegal though.
How many fading doors can a base entrance have?:
They can have only 3 fading doors.
How big can a hobo base be?:
Can build the entire streets, but they cannot build outside of it. There's no rules against blocking the streets, but they must be-able to defend it, but they must be able to lose it without any rules broken
(Yes/No) I agree that I will not use my powers as staff:
(Yes/No) I understand that my staff rank can be taken away at any time for any reason:
(Yes/No) I understand that I will be held at a higher standard than a regular player:
(Yes/No) I understand that asking staff to look at my application will result in it being denied:

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