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Edited: 1 month ago / Feb 17, 2020

Basic Information

In-game RP name: ScriM 

SteamID (please use STEAM_0:1:111446476 

Link to steam profile (Must be public):

Discord username with tag (ex. Example#0001): AceTenshi#0069

Age: 18 boi fooled

Current in-game time: 18 hours

Do you have a mic and do you use it often: Yes

How many warns do you have: 0

If you have been banned before, how long and why?: N/A


Short answer questions

Have you been staff on any Gmod servers before? If so, describe your experience: Yes, i've been staff on many servers and i know my way around being being staff member and what they are supposed to do and the responsibilites they have. Many people respect me because i was always fair with them and know what to do in any situation.

How often are you able to play: Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM because i have no work on those days and Saturday and Sunday in the morning.

What sets you apart from the average candidate for staff?(100 words minimum):I have a lot of experience as a staff member and know my way around being a staff and all of its commands. I know how to treat the players and other staff members as well as to know how to help them with the problems they are having since i have been playing Gmod DarkRp for a very long time now. i will help increase the player base and make everyone enjoy their time on the server!

Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 words minimum):  I Would like to become a staff member because i enjoyed playing on the server and helping everyone out. Everyone is Kind and nice to me so i would like to repay them by helping out with the server and with any problems it has to face. I want to help the other stuff out with problems they are having troubles with and solving it within the power i have.

Rule knowledge questions - Please do not copy + paste, show us that you know the rules.

What is the cooldown to raid the same person?: The raid cooldown for the same person is 20 minutes.

Can the president make hobo sweps illegal?: No, According to the rules they are not allowed to make certain sweps illegal

How many fading doors can a base entrance have?: Base entrances can only have a max of 3 fading doors.

How big can a hobo base be?: a hobo's base can only be 5x5.


(Yes/No) I agree that I will not abuse my powers as staff: Yes

(Yes/No) I understand that my staff rank can be taken away at any time for any reason: Yes

(Yes/No) I understand that I will be held at a higher standard than a regular player: Yes

(Yes/No) I understand that asking staff to look at my application will result in it being denied: Yes


Thank you for applying, and good luck!


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